This little clip is the first glimpse of what's awaiting you when following The Moto Quest.

One Woman. Two Wheels. Four Corners.
A backpack full of dreams and a road into the Unknown...
A quest for truth, growth, transformation and healing - guided by my spirit, heart and intuition.
Aren't we all dreaming about escaping our controlled reality and this plastic-like bubble, which we have created and call "life"?
Rather than being a victim of society I've chosen to try and break the mold. To champion my own destiny and set out for a big adventure.
I'm saddling up for an arduous metamorphosis.
The object of my quest is personal as well as spiritual growth and will require great exertion on the part of me -- the protagonist of this voyage.
The Moto Quest is more than just a trip on a motorcycle.
It is about living my dream and becoming a conscious initiated adult who gets spontaneously involved with the complexity of nature and different cultures. Rather then being caught in the confines of civilization, which appears to me like a cluster of egos, I am challenging myself to deal with life as it is and meant to be - free.

I found a lot of happiness traveling down Australia's roads on the back of my little "Frankenstein Racer", a café'd Honda CD250U. Even though my bike was the only transport I had for two years, I have yet to develop any mechanical knowledge and have never ridden a motorbike longer than 4 hours. I am incredibly excited for the journey but of course, also scared out of my wits. Yes, I dare to dream big and will roll my throttle to discovery of all 4 corners of this beautiful planet. At this stage I have no idea how to fill my tank, my tummy, nor where the road is going to lead me. I will face many obstacles and challenges; internally and externally. It truly is a brave step to gain self-development and prove that anything is possible.
My aim is to share The Moto Quest authentically and inspire people with my story.

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Recommended bikes



DE- Filderstadt-Bernhausen
Start-up 2004  /  Kilometrage 28775 km
USD  8,998*
VAT applies
Price in dealer’s currency: EUR  7,989

ANDERE CR&S DUU - Neuwertig * NP 48.000.- EUR

DE- Filderstadt-Bernhausen
Start-up 2013  /  Kilometrage 1805 km
USD  41,661*
VAT applies
Price in dealer’s currency: EUR  36,989

BMW S 1000 RR

DE- Filderstadt-Bernhausen
Start-up 2010  /  Kilometrage 28355 km
USD  10,462*
VAT applies
Price in dealer’s currency: EUR  9,289

DUCATI Monster 696

DE- Filderstadt-Bernhausen
Start-up 2008  /  Kilometrage 13390 km
USD  6,408*
VAT applies
Price in dealer’s currency: EUR  5,689
* Purchase prices are to be paid in the dealer’s currency. Conversion is calculated on the basis of ECB exchange rates; these are updated daily.