THE MOTO QUEST - It didn't happen...

I woke up in the morning and my body was aching of exhaustion and I felt mentally and emotional tired and empty. So far you have seen a lot of my sparkly and excited side, but of course there are different moments, too.
Fear. Uncertainty. Loneliness. Heartache.
The last few days a lot of these emotions came through and they are just as much part of my quest as all the happy feelings.

After announcing today's ride, I felt guilty of not going and quite annoyed by the fact that'll postpone my departure by at least another day or two.
Once I had accepted my own decision of not riding today, my film team from Java got me in front of the camera for a long and sensitive interview, which will be part of the documentary we are putting together. It wasn't easy for me to talk about it into a camera, but in order to share my journey authentically, a very important step.

I learned a new Indonesian word today, that is of great importance for me: "Sabar". Which means, be patient/calm.
Impatience is one of my largest weaknesses and I sometimes literally forget to breathe. I have no doubt that The Moto Quest will be a good teacher for character endurance training.

Here is a little video diary entry about the test ride that didn't happen today.

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