Hello and welcome to the world of motorbikes, the world of Mr. CUSTOMBIKE!

As Mr. CUSTOMBIKE, I have a passion for all types of motorbikes – they are a major part of my life. I love the perfection, aesthetics and intricacies of motorbikes and have the utmost respect for my colleagues the world over who create unique and extraordinary two-wheeled works of art – with all the ambition, sweat and cursing that goes into it.

For me, customising motorbikes is like buying the perfect pair of jeans – they simply have to fit!

I created the CUSTOMBIKE Ltd. platform to be somewhere that every biker on the planet can live out their passion for motorbikes together.

Share this passion for motorbikes with us – whatever country you are from, whatever language you speak and whatever motorbike you ride.

You’re more than welcome!

Mr. CustomBike Signature