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Honda Vision 110 random ride

Just a small ride around town on a loaner honda vision 125 (my cbf 125 was changing the oil). Unedited, straight from the GoPro...

CBF 125 - Arrow Thunder

2º Vídeo, o som parece melhor agora. No final meto o silenciador, mas não está colocado correctamente. Second video, the sound seems better this ...

Honda CBF 125 ligne LeoVince LV One Evo II

Comparaison ligne d'origine Honda cbf 125 modèle 2011 vs ligne complète LeoVince LV One Evo II homologuée (position d'origine, ref:8730) Ligne plus...

Honda CBF 125 - Ixil with DB killer

It has really good sound, but i like loud sounds, so i don't have DB killer inside.. The engine was not warmed up, so i can't take it to rev limiter..
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