Norton Manufacturing Co. was founded by James Lansdowne “Pa” Norton in 1898 in the British city of Wolverhampton. Since 1913, the company has made motorbikes in different series and has a string of racing titles to its name. This made Norton one of the big names in the British motorbike industry, and it was especially well-known for having dominated the European and then worldwide motorbike racing scene for decades. Norton motorbikes are extremely popular with classic customising and old-school enthusiasts. Many of today’s owners believe that their Nortons primarily characterised the start of the “café racer” era, founded through the legendary Ace Café, a motorway services restaurant in Stonebridge, an area in the north-west of London. It played a key role in motorbike subculture, as a meeting place and venue for mostly illegal street racing, and thus coined the modern phrase “café racer”.

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