1955 Harley Panhead Kickstart


Kickstart of 1955 harley panhead chopper. Still running a bit rich and timing off a bit. Built by Guy from Greasy Kulture, great guy, highly recommend his mag. Have made a few changes to suit me ( smaller risers, bates headlight, Rewired complete bike, Electronic ignition (quickstart), custom brackets to hold light, horn, ignition barrel, oil pressure light, relay and fuse panel under seat. Next up I will be lowering the front of the tank a couple of inches, changing the forward controls slightly and maybe look at getting tank and guard repainted.

from wikipedia

Big V-twins
F-head, also known as JD, pocket valve and IOE (intake over exhaust), 1914--1929 (1,000 cc), and 1922--1929 (1,200 cc)
Flathead, 1930--1948 (1,200 cc) and 1935--1941 (1,300 cc).
Knucklehead, 1936--1947 61 cubic inch (1,000 cc), and 1941--1947 74 cubic inch (1,200 cc)
Panhead, 1948--1965 61 cubic inch (1,000 cc), and 1948--1965, 74 cubic inch (1,200 cc)
Shovelhead, 1966--1984, 74 cubic inch (1,200 cc) and 80 cubic inch (1,345 cc) since late 1978
Evolution (a.k.a. "Evo" and "Blockhead"), 1984--2000, 80 cubic inch (1,340 cc)
Twin Cam 88 (a.k.a. "Fathead") 1999--2006, 88 cubic inch (1,450 cc)
Twin Cam 88B (counter balanced version of the Twin Cam 88) 2000--2006, 88 cubic inch (1,450 cc)
Twin Cam 95, since 2000, 95 cubic inch (1,550 cc) (engines for early C.V.O. models)
Twin Cam 96, since 2007, Only the Street Bob and Super Glide Dyna Models still use the 96. 96 cubic inch (1,584 cc)
Twin Cam 103, 2003--2006, 2009, 103 cubic inch (1,690 cc) (engines for C.V.O. models), Standard on 2011 Touring models such as the Road King Classic and Road Glide Ultra and optional on other Touring Models like the Road Glide Custom and Street Glide. Standard on most 2012 models excluding Sportsters and 2 Dynas (Street Bob and Super Glide)
Twin Cam 110, since 2007, 110 cubic inch (1,802 cc) (engines for C.V.O. models)

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DE- Filderstadt-Bernhausen
Start-up 2013  /  Kilometrage 20172 km
USD  8,210*
Price in dealer’s currency: EUR  7,289
Net price in dealer’s currency: EUR 6,125

DUCATI 899 Panigale

DE- Filderstadt-Bernhausen
Start-up 2014  /  Kilometrage 160 km
USD  16,094*
VAT applies
Price in dealer’s currency: EUR  14,289

BMW S 1000 RR

DE- Filderstadt-Bernhausen
Start-up 2010  /  Kilometrage 28355 km
USD  10,462*
VAT applies
Price in dealer’s currency: EUR  9,289

DUCATI Hypermotard 1100

DE- Filderstadt-Bernhausen
Start-up 2008  /  Kilometrage 15927 km
USD  7,083*
VAT applies
Price in dealer’s currency: EUR  6,289
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