iPhone 4 Film (FIRST Corporate Film) -

Apple launched their new phones on Thursday, June 24, 2010. On June 27, 2010 we shot "156 Turns" using only iPhone 4s. Every shot here is a non-colored shot with and Apple iPhone 4.

The score is by Luke Atencio of Colorado Springs. It was purchased at">

We used Owle Bubos ("> They're killer for getting stabilization and shooting through a real lens.

Thank you to the great team we had put together, all the racers, the interviews we've yet to use (but are planning to in a follow-up). Others in this video include Greg Tracy, Alexander Smith, Erin Tracy, Rhys Millen, Pat & Terry Tracy, Gary Trachy, Clint Magoon, & Terry Holbert.

Please learn more at">">">">
ducati .com">www. ducati .com">http://ducati .com">www. ducati .com">">

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