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This platform is dedicated exclusively to motorbikes and motorbike-related merchandise. Here, you can advertise custom bikes, motorbikes, quads, trikes, scooters and mopeds and even include your accessories in your ad at no extra cost. Or are you looking for a suitable vehicle? The search function lets you quickly and easily search for, select and buy your dream bike. Compare vehicles to make sure you are getting the best value for money. We have everything from the newest motorbikes, quads, trikes, scooters and mopeds to used bikes, old-timers and young-timers. In short, everything your heart desires without annoying advertising banners or pesky pop-ups.

Have you found a custom bike, motorbike, quad, trike, scooter or moped that you like, but it’s in a different country? Not a problem! With our CUSTOMBIKE Ltd. transport service, we deliver any motorbike from anywhere in the world right to your doorstep. We handle the entire transport process for you, including any customs formalities.

Are you a motorbike dealer or customiser, or do you perhaps work for one? Here you can present your business to bikers all over the world at absolutely no charge at all! Show off your skills and introduce your team to the entire world! You can advertise motorbikes and accessories on the platform and have them displayed on your dealer page. You can also buy in your motorbikes from other countries or organise for them to be transported to a national customer on our platform using our transport service. We offer a multitude of exclusive opportunities to expand your business model and tap into new sales markets.

Do you have a motorbike club but not enough time maintain the website, or maybe you can’t find someone in the club who’s up to the job? You can easily create your own club page on the CUSTOMBIKE Ltd. platform at no cost whatsoever. You get a public section as well as a restricted section for club members, can upload pictures and videos, make minutes of your meetings available for download or create planned events and share them with all your club members. Show the global community the coolest pictures and videos from your club trips and become part of a vast community.

Would you like to become a Mr. CUSTOMBIKE partner and have your very own partner page? If you manufacture special bikes, accessories or anything else unique, write to us and tell us what you do (link to info@custom-bike.com) and why you want to be on our partner pages. We offer select companies the chance to showcase their services to a global audience in 30 different languages on our partner pages.

Looking for the coolest videos of your dream bike? Our video channel exclusively features videos about motorbikes. So no more tedious trawling through YouTube and other video portals to find what you’re looking for. You will only find videos about motorbikes, trikes, quads, mopeds and scooters on our site.

I created the CUSTOMBIKE Ltd. platform to be a place where every biker on the planet can live out their passion for motorbikes! Share this passion for motorbikes with us – whatever country you are from, whatever language you speak and whatever motorbike you ride. You’re more than welcome!

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