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Suzuki LS 650 Savage

24.02.2018 | 12:00

The Suzuki LS 650 Savage is a motorcycle model from the Japanese manufacturer Suzuki , which was produced from 1986 to 2000 for the German market. The engine was available in Germany only with 27 hp until 1994. Then there was also in Germany the international standard 31 hp version. From the chopper to the Caferacer, there are countless conversions of the cost-efficient but very nice vehicle. MotoLife 1987 / 2017 built Custombike. Owner is Andreas Bahle. Shorted frame.


Honda Hawk GT 647

23.02.2018 | 12:00

The Honda Hawk GT NT650 (GT 647) motorcycle was designated as model RC31 and was designed by Toshiaki Kishi, and was the second Honda with "Pro-Arm" suspension bike after the RC30 VFR750R. The RC model designation is for bikes up to 750 cc, though the Honda Pacific Coast (PC800) has an engine of more than 750 cc and a model designation of RC34.The US model NT650, Hawk GT 647, RC31 was introduced in 1988 and produced through 1991. It has an aluminium box frame with the separate rear frame bolted on, and a chain drive single-sided swing arm.


Yamaha SR 500

22.02.2018 | 12:00

The SR 500 is a mid-size motorcycle model of the Japanese manufacturer Yamaha, which was built from 1978 to 1999. As SR 400, it is still offered today with an externally same engine but a different displacement size. The term "SR" stands for "Single Road". The robust and manageable technology and the large number of sold motorcycles led to the fact that there is still a lot of fan and club life around the SR 500. There are numerous conversions as Cafe Racer, Scrambler, Sidecar, Bobber or Chopper. The model is also frequently used in amateur racing.



Suzuki GT500

21.02.2018 | 12:00

The GT series is a series of two-stroke, rider and passenger, chain drive motorcycles manufactured and marketed by Suzuki for model years 1972-1977, with a range of engine capacities and cylinder counts. For the 1976 MY, the aging two-cylinder T500 Titan was given a new front end with a single-disc brake as well as freshened up bodywork. It was henceforth known as the GT500. The GT500 was discontinued at the end of the 1977 MY, so had a very short production life. The GT500 was not graced with Ram Air cooling, probably because Suzuki already knew that their large-capacity two-stroke road bikes were reaching the end of their production lives. It was probably a way to get a few more sales dollars from what had now become a very dated design reaching back to the 1968 MY.


BMW S 1000 R

20.02.2018 | 12:00

The BMW S1000R is a naked bike motorcycle manufactured by BMW Motorrad from 2014. It is based heavily upon the S1000RR superbike with which it shares its engine, gearbox, frame and suspension. The de-tuned inline four engine from the S1000RR is optimized for low to mid range performance and delivers a maximum output of 118kW at 11,000 rpm and maximum torque of 112Nm at 9,250 rpm.



Honda CB 750

19.02.2018 | 12:00

The Honda CB750 is an air-cooled transverse in-line four cylinder engine motorcycle made by Honda over several generations for year models 1969–2003 as well as 2007 with an upright or standard riding posture. It is often called the original Universal Japanese Motorcycle. Bimota, Fritz Egli, Eckert, Japauto, Dunstall, Rickman, Rau, Martin, Dresda, Seeley Ernest Walther and Yoshimura built Racing Machines based on the CB 750.


Harley-Davidson Sportster

18.02.2018 | 12:00

60 years Sportster. 1957 Harley-Davidson designed a new more modern and smaller engine with a sporty character to stand up to British manufacturers such as Norton , BSA and Triumph : the Sportster engine. Since the beginning of the millennium, the Sportster is one of the top sellers of the brand. In Germany alone 2014 12.900 units have been sold. But in 2017 the Sportster is still the top seller of the brand. The pictured 883 is a 2004 model and was rebuilt in 2017 by Rusty Pistons Garage.



Triumph 900 Thunderbird

17.02.2018 | 12:00

The Triumph 900 Thunderbird was manufactured from 1995 to 2004. The most famous appearance of the nake bike was probably in the Action Science Fiction Barb Wire. The beautiful Pamela Anderson drove a Triumph Thunderbird.



Honda XL 500

16.02.2018 | 12:00

The Honda XL 500 was built from 1979 to 1982. In the 60 years Scrambler were very common - road motorcycles with a higher seating position, whose off-road performance was slightly improved by deep-treaded tires and highly specified exhaust systems. End of the 60 Honda put on a series of SL models (later XL), which ushered in the transition from Srambler for Enduro.



BMW R75 Wehrmacht

15.02.2018 | 12:00

The BMW R75 is a World War II-era motorcycle and sidecar combination produced by the German company BMW . In the 1930s BMW were producing a number of popular and highly effective motorcycles. In 1938 development of the R75 started in response to a request from the German Army. The BMW R75 and its rival the Zündapp KS 750 were both widely used by the Wehrmacht in Russia and North Africa, though after a period of evaluation it became clear that the Zündapp was the superior machine. In August 1942 Zündapp and BMW , on the urging of the Army, agreed upon standardization of parts for both machines, with a view of eventually creating a Zündapp- BMW hybrid (designated the BW 43), in which a BMW 286/1 side-car would be grafted onto a Zündapp KS 750 motorcycle.