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Honda CB 1100

10.04.2019 | 12:00

The Honda CB1100 is a 1,140 cc (70 cu in) air-cooled inline four-cylinder naked bike that was introduced by Honda in 2010 as a modern successor to the CB750. The CB1100 is styled as a Universal Japanese Motorcycle. The model underwent a revision in 2014, gaining a sixth gear and new gauge cluster. Honda also released the CB1100 Deluxe, an upgraded variant on the standard CB1100.



Honda CX 500

09.04.2019 | 12:00

The Honda CX series motorcycles, including the GL500 and GL650 variants, were developed and released by Honda in the late 1970s, with production ending in most markets by the mid 1980s. The design included innovative features and technologies that were uncommon or unused at the time such as liquid cooling, electric-only starting, low-maintenance shaft drive, modular wheels, and dual CV-type carburetors that were tuned for reduced emissions. The electronic ignition system was separate from the rest of the electrical system, enabling the motorcycle to be push-started and ridden in case of a total electrical system failure.



Kawasaki KZ 1300

08.04.2019 | 12:00

The KZ 1300 with water-cooled six-cylinder four-stroke engine was built from 1978 to 1989 in various models. In this time the model was one of only three water-cooled motorcycles on the market (in addition to Honda Goldwing and Suzuki GT750).




07.04.2019 | 12:00

The KTM LC4 640 is a dual-sport motorcycle made by KTM from model years 1987 until 2008. In 1997 KTM introduced the 620 Adventure with a 609 cc engine. The bike received a new 625 cc engine for the 1998 model year and was renamed the 640 Adventure. Production ceased at the end of the 2008 model year after no further displacement changes.



Yamaha XS 1100

06.04.2019 | 12:00

The Yamaha XS Eleven motorcycle, also called XS11 and XS1100, is a Japanese superbike produced from 1978 to 1981, powered by an air-cooled 1101.6cc 4-stroke, DOHC inline four-cylinder engine mounted transversely in a duplex cradle frame with swingarm rear suspension, shaft drive, and telescopic forks. The shown bike was customized by Thunderbike Hamminkeln many years ago.




Royal Enfield Himalayan Sleet

05.04.2019 | 12:00

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is a travel enduro motorcycle belonging to the Eicher-owned Indian manufacturer Royal Enfield . It was developed with the help of Harris Performance Products, a British design bureau specializing in the development of racing motorcycles and parts, now part of Royal Enfield . For the Himalayan Royal Enfield designed a new air-cooled single-cylinder engine with overhead camshaft. The 411 cc engine achieves a maximum output of 18 kW at 6000 rpm.



Harley-Davidson Softail

04.04.2019 | 12:00

The term softail refers to motorcycles and bicycles that feature a hidden rear suspension system with springs or shock absorbers to absorb bumps. Softail motorcycles give the appearance of having a hard-tail or rigid frame, normally with the shock absorbers or springs under the motorcycle and out of view. The word "softail" is a registered trademark of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, coined with the release of the FXST Softail in 1984. Since then, the word has expanded to include other motorcycles with hidden rear suspensions as well as bicycles incorporating a rear suspension. In 2018 there will be no mor Dyna or Softail.



Triumph Rocket III

03.04.2019 | 12:00

The Triumph Rocket III is a three cylinder motorcycle made by Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. At 2,294 cc (140.0 cu in) it had the largest displacement engine of any mass production motorcycle, as of September 2004. The name "Rocket III" is derived from the 1968 BSA motorcycle, the Rocket 3, which was also produced as the " Triumph Trident."


Honda CRF 250 L

02.04.2019 | 12:00

The Honda CRF 250 L is an enduro motorcycle of the Japanese manufacturer Honda , which came on the European market in 2013. The CRF 250 L is powered by a four-stroke, single-cylinder engine with two overhead camshafts and four valves, which is already used in the CBR 250 R. The motorsport-based Upside-Down fork from Showa has 43 mm diameter sliding tubes with a travel of 250 mm. 23 hp should move the 144 kg.


BMW R 100

31.03.2019 | 12:00

The BMW R100 was built from 1976 to 1996. The engine is a 980 cc (60 cu in) two-cylinder four-stroke air-cooled boxer engine, with two pushrod operated overhead valves per cylinder, and is fueled by two constant depression carburators, built by Bing Carburetor. Here is a chic conversion to Caferacer.