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STORIES - Ural sidecar

22.03.2014 | 12:00

From 1941 the production of the sidecar motorcycles ran in Moscow at full speed. In the Moscow factory 1753 motorcycles were produced before the German army was approaching and the factory was shifted 1200 km further to the Ural Mountains to Irbit to the east. This eventually led to the name "Ural" for the sidecar bike.


STORIES - Yamaha XJ 900

21.03.2014 | 12:00

The Yamaha XJ 900 came in 1983 on the market as a sport touring bike. Particularly pleasing for tourers was the low-maintenance shaft drive that worked very well with the 5 Speed ??gear and supple delivered the 90 hp to the rear wheel.


STORIES - Honda CB 550 K

20.03.2014 | 12:00

The built 1977 to 1979 Honda CB 550 K was made ??with 4 into 4 exhaust system. The engines were running about 100,000 km without any problems. Only the gear showed weaknesses. Honda then offered gears with reinforced claws, which were often converted.


STORIES - Harley-Davidson Flathead

19.03.2014 | 12:00

1936 the Harley-Davidson Flathead engine has been thoroughly revised and received overhead valves. This engine is known as Knucklehead based on its characteristic contours of the rocker on the cylinder head.


STORIES - Triumph 900 Thunderbird

18.03.2014 | 12:00

The Triumph 900 Thunderbird was manufactured from 1995 to 2004. The most famous appearance of the nake bike was probably in the Action Science Fiction Barb Wire. The beautiful Pamela Anderson drove a Triumph Thunderbird.


STORIES - Suzuki GS 450 T

17.03.2014 | 12:00

"The bike for people who know exactly what they do not want." That were the headlines of advertising strategists in the motorcycle papers of 1981 about the new GS 450 T, the "Traditional" bike.


STORIES - Simson S51

16.03.2014 | 12:00

Simson S51 was produced from 1980 to 1989. With over 2 million vehicles produced, it is the most built moped in Germany. The owner of the shown Moped transported his fishing gear in the trailer.


STORIES - The Honda Chaly

15.03.2014 | 12:00

The Honda Chaly is probably the most built motorized two-wheeler in the world. Not least because people from half of Asia drive to work with the small Honda . It was built with 50 and 70 cubic from 1972 to 2000.



14.03.2014 | 12:11

With the 1000RR BMW successfully tried to conquer another segment in the motorcycle market, the Superbike class. With 200 hp and 324 km / h top speed the super sports bike from 2009 found a lot of friends.


STORIES - Aprilia Atlantic 500

13.03.2014 | 12:08

It looks like this driver has to be a fan of the US-American western style. The 40hp Aprilia Atlantic 500 is the perfect scooter to cruise it like a Harley, only the sound lacks the feeling of a harley.