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The "Black Bull" by BOSO SAN

02.02.2014 | 21:00

Ingo didn`t want a Cafe Racer


It was in 2010 in October when this tall guy walked into the Boso San garage.
I have heared the sound of a V2 arriving shortly before.
Then Ingo stood at the Boso sales counter. "I need more power" he said.
Well lets see what you got i thought. So we walked outside and I saw his stock MT 01.
A big Vtwin already but Ingo was big too so I could understand his request easily. He showed me some papers and information he found on the internet.
He was talking about 2000ccm and 200NM and 120-130hp. He needed the maximum that can be done with his bike he said.
So we went back in talking about costs, options and finally made an apointment when to start with the bike.


Said and done. Two weeks later the MT01 was on my bike lift and I started stripping it to remove the engine.
I liked the MT01 when it came out 2006. I have liked naked bikes since ever.
The classic ones like honda s fours, kawasaki zetts, and the english bikes from the fifties to the seventies. New age naked bikes I loved only a few.
The MT was one of those, but the closer I looked at it the more I was disapointed.
For example the tail light- ugly solution.
This was actually the first thing I wanted Ingo to tell we should definitely change.
Although that he never talked about to the change the design in any way.
"MOTOR, POWER, STRENGTH" was all he told me about until that point.


To remove the engine we had to strip like everything on the MT.
 Finally there it stood, the sceletton of the MT. Frame, Suspension, Wheels.
 I boxed the parts of the motor that I had to send away for works.
 It was about 11pm, I was about to turn the lights off in the shop.
 One last cigarette with dirty hands for today I thought.
I was sitting next to the lift and starring at the stripped MT.
Another cigarette. Felt like something was happening right now, so one more cigarette.
I went over to the shelve were the MT parts where packed.
Took the gastank and put it back on the Bike.
Then took another look at the bike.
Then I just went to get paper and pencil and started to draw. The Black Bull was born.


It was in 2006 when the big event glemseck101 started near my shop.
After 8 years it is now the biggest Cafe Racer event in europe as far as I know. 50.000 visitors, hundreds of Cafe Racers and so many stunning bikes.
I was joining that event since year one.
But Boso San was about Race Bikes and motorsports. So we had a lot of party with the people there but showing completely diffrent bikes. GSX-R's with nice design works. CBR-R'S with all the stuff a racer needs to be fast on the track. No problem with that, we had our customers.
In 2009 on another awesome weekend on the glemseck101 I said to my friend and worker Ronny: "We will build a Cafe Racer too!" But something diffrent.
A NEO Cafe Racer. We wont take a sixties, seventies or eighties bike. We take something new. 2000 plus.
Then a year after that Ingo appeared.

I didn't draw too much actually. Just some lines.
It was easy because the MT did speak for herself.
The stripped bike with the mounted gastank had its own charisma.
The stripped frame on the lift did sill look alive.
Aggressive. Massiv. Like somethin ready to jump forward.
A predator ready to hunt down its victim.
We could have named it "panthera" easily because that's in fact what it remind me at.
Looked more like a panther then a bull.
So this is when I started the design. The gastank looked like the shoulders of a beast ready to jump forward.
It dicated very clear lines which I only had to follow.
It took me less than one hour to draw what later was named "BLACK BULL".
I was so excited of the idea to build that bike that I just couldn't wait to call Ingo and show him the beast I've created on paper.
Ok calm down Daniel, another cigarette and then wash your hands go to sleep and call Ingo tomorrow.


I called Ingo right the next morning, told him to come to the shop as soon as possible."We have to talk" I told him on the phone.
Ingo came that afternoon.
He first went to the garage said "hello" to Ronny who was cleaning engine parts of the MT.
I was sitting in my office as Ingo went in.
I just turned around the paper with the design and placed it in front of him on the table without saying any word.
Ingo took a look.
"Whats that?" he asked confused.
"Your MT when I'm done with my work." I said.
You have got to know that Ingo is the kind of guy that turns red in his face before exploding.
Well his head turned singal red.
And then suddently this 120kg, 2 meter plus guy started to lose it and yelled things like: " BLA BLA STUPID, BLA BLA UGLY PIECE OF BLA BLA, MOTOR TUNING BLA, HANDLE BARS FOR MIDGETS, BLA BLA NEVER EVER.... "
I really didn't listen completely I just went out off my office, was pissed off myself and went into the garage.
Ronny was standing there, with eyes wide open, with a torque wrench in his hands in case he has to save my life: "What the FUCK HAPPEND?"
"Ingo doesn't like Cafe Racers", I answered.
I got in my van and left the shop to get some cigarettes.
 As i came back, Ingo had left.
I was cool with that in this moment. What I didn`t realise was that Ingo had took the drawing with him.
Maybe he was just too angry to throw it away or tore it, I don't know.
But the next day in the morning my cell phone rang.
"Ingo?" I answered the phone.
"Do it Daniel!"
"What shall I DO, Ingo?"
"Build that Bike! I love it!"
"When can I come to pick it up?"
"I'll call you" I said an shut the phone.
BAM... we will build the BLACK BULL! 

We started with the tail.
The domination of the silencers would not mean that we can be lazy with the tail. No.
Actually the tail is the part I love most about this bike.
It turned out so clean and unique, feels organic when you touch it.
I was inspired by the air intake of formula 1 cars. The part that sits above the pilots head.
I admit it took 2 or 3 times building it to have the sum i wanted.
In fact the tail was the first thing we started with and the very last we finished. It was finished one day before the paintjob. 
It's a little bit ironic that this beautyful peace of metal is hidden behind the silencers.
But that's what makes the Black Bull that spectacular.
From the distance it just looks aggressive and threatning but the closer you get to the bike, the more it uncovers its beautieness.


The tail covers all the technic parts, electric parts, the powercommander, the F-Box, parts of the stock instruments that are need for service works later, the wire harness and some modules we had to build for not getting error codes because of replacing parts we dont need.
And a cell phone but I'll tell you later about that.
The front end was the easier job because the gastank dictated the lines we had to follow completely.
LSL Handlebars are the home of the Spiegler Brake and Clutch Pump. Racing stuff, I like that.
The REVOLVER switches are just pieces of art in my eyes.
But to connect them to the bike is nothing for customers. Pro`s only.
We took a networkcable and separated the single strings, connect them to the F-Box and then went to their destinations.
Fast told but felt neverending doing it. Well that's our job.
The ForkClamp from BKG gave us some headache too because we really had problems to mount the handlebars like we wanted to.
So many things gave us a hard time but that's what customizing is all about. Find solutions and be prepared to find out the solution was shit.
The LSL URBAN headlight just fitted perfect. So why try being diffrent in every part when it just looks great.
Customizing is not about to make everything diffrent, it's about creating harmony on wheels.
That's my point of view.

The engine was already in parts so we did a little tune up.
Ingo couldn't ride away with his first recommend of 2000cc.
Money rules the world. But in the end we found some horsepowers as we worked on the cylinders. Polished in and outake.
We made the headers for the look and the perfomance. But truely more for the look.
There is a second exhaust system that would bring a lot of more torque and power.
Ingo decided to have the one that looks like stolen from a german tank. He got it.
Finally I wrote a new map on our dynojet and the sum just feels great and strong.

So there are tons of more individuall extras, parts, handmade items and hidden secrets. But that's what a Custom Bike is all about. You got to see it to realize and in the case of Black Bull, you got to ride it. Ingo loves it. I love it.
And the testriders from motorcycle magazines love it too. Look here:



But one hidden secret I want to to betray you guys.
The Black Bull phone number.
We connected a cell phone to the harness of the beast.
Yes you can call it. No not you, because you don't know the number but Ingo does.
First call- the bike fires up. Second call - it shuts off.
Guess what Ingo is doing while sitting in a beergarden and people surround his Black Bull.
And guess what the crowd be like when the Black Bull suddenly begins to breath und roar while they put their noses to the painted parts.
He just loves doing that all Sunday long.

Finally, why we named it Black Bull instead of Panthera.
It was the day we fired it up the first time.
There stood this wildcat looking beast but then we fired it up, the floor began to shake like an earthquake is coming up.
Reminded everyone in the garage of an angry Bull that's just about to overrun everything that comes in its way.
No question, it's not a wild cat its a BLACK BULL!

Ride on...
Boso San Motorradtechnik

Im Mönchgraben 15
75397 Simmozheim

FON: +49 7033 406 1644



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