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Harley-Davidson Chopper

01.02.2019 | 12:00

A chopper is a type of custom motorcycle which emerged in the United States in the mid-1960s. The chopper is perhaps the most extreme of all custom styles, often using radically modified steering angles and lengthened forks for a stretched-out appearance. They can be built from an original motorcycle which is modified ("chopped") or built from scratch. Some of the characteristic features of choppers are long front ends with extended forks often coupled with an increased rake angle, hardtail frames (frames without rear suspension), very tall "ape hanger" or very short "drag" handlebars, lengthened or stretched frames, and larger than stock front wheels. The "sissy bar", a set of tubes that connect the rear fender with the frame, and which are often extended several feet high, is a signature feature on many choppers.


Honda CB 500 Sporttourer

31.01.2019 | 12:00

The Honda CB 500 was built from 1993 to 2002. Because of its robustness, the good-natured chassis and the low cost, it is an attractive motorcycle for drivers newcomers, also she was popular with driving schools as a training machine. The CB 500 was developed by Honda as a cheap mid-range motorcycle. Unlike other 500s of the 1990s, the CB 500 got an engine that was completely redesigned. In this class, Honda last offered the model Honda CB 450 S, whose engine design (air-cooled OHC two-cylinder with three valves), however, based on the 1977 presented the CB 400 Twin.


Harley-Davidson Sportster 883

30.01.2019 | 12:00

61 years Sportster. 1957 Harley-Davidson designed a new more modern and smaller engine with a sporty character to stand up to British manufacturers such as Norton , BSA and Triumph : the Sportster engine. Since the beginning of the millennium, the Sportster is one of the top sellers of the brand. In Germany alone 2014 12.900 units have been sold. But in 2017 the Sportster is still the top seller of the brand. The pictured 883 is a 2004 model.


Kawasaki Z440H Gespann

29.01.2019 | 12:00

The 1979 Kawasaki Z440H is by itself a rather rare motorcycle in Germany. Air cooled, four stroke, parallel twin cylinder, SOHC, 2 valves per cylinder, 41bhp @ 7000rpm, 6 speed, 179kg. But as a sidecar motorcycle, they are only once.


Aprilia Tuono V4 1100

28.01.2019 | 12:00

Actually no one needs 175 hp in a Nakedbike. But those who once drove the new Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 could perhaps claim the opposite. The fact that it costs at least 17,000 euros and consumes a bit more fuel than many other (two-wheeled) toys, moves into the background at the moment of the start.


BMW R 1200 GS

27.01.2019 | 12:00

Thanks to the complete equipment the BMW R 1200 GS is perfectly equipped for the trip around the world. Perfect handling characteristics in all positions, on the motorway as well as on the dirt tracks.


Honda CB500 Twin

26.01.2019 | 12:00

Honda CB500 twins are a family of medium sized standard motorcycles produced by Honda from 1993 onwards. Because of their low cost, reliability, and good handling they are popular with commuters, and couriers.


Kawasaki ZL 900

25.01.2019 | 12:00

The Kawasaki ZL 900, also called Eliminator, was designed as a dragstar. Accordingly, it offers good sprinting behavior based on a very short translation. While the Eli was only offered for sale in Canada and the US, the following models ZL 600, ZL 250 and ZL 1000 were also available on the European market. The few existing copies of the ZL 900 in Germany were imported by dealers or private buyers.




24.01.2019 | 12:00

The BMW K75 is a standard motorcycle produced by BMW Motorrad from 1985 to 1995. At the time of its introduction, the K75 was BMW 's least expensive motorcycle. The three-cylinder BMW K75 was developed alongside the K100, but was introduced a year after the K100 as a marketing strategy. Its crankshaft had 120° between the throws and was counterbalanced by balance weights added to the water pump accessory shaft, which ran at engine speed as is correct for a 120° straight-three engine.



Harley-Davidson Shovelhead

23.01.2019 | 12:00

The Harley-Davidson Shovelhead engine for decades has been a favorite of customizers. Reason is the unique sound and the fact that the TÜV allows changes, because of the building year. The custombike shown was photographed in 2017 at the Kustom Kulture Show in Herne / Germany.