Yamaha FZ 750

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The Yamaha FZ 750 motorcycle from 1985 was the first bike on the market with 4-cylinder four-stroke and 20 valves. The three inlet and two outlet valves led to a really high torque for this class.


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Yamaha FZ 750 Genesis 106KM Gostynin - Płock po deszczu.wmv

Niezawodna Yamaha fz 750 Genesis z 95r silnik 20 zaworowy 106KM Fabryka podaje VMAX 232km/h jednak ten egzemplarz wyciska 250km/h Ze względu na moco...

FZR 750 modification

This is the last bike a made in Greece. An old FZR 750. The bike supposed to be for the track. It never went there though. Next project will be in Aus...

Yamaha fz 750

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