Kreidler Florett

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Kreidler Florett Mokicks were built since 1957. The Kreidler Florett RS was a moped model series with two-stroke engines from Kreidler, which was built from 1967 to 1981 in over 125,000 copies. Florett mopeds were very popular among tuners because these machines were available with a number of so-called tuning sets - especially in the Netherlands - whose use was illegal. Original with an 18-mm Bing carburettor, the engine produced 5.3 hp at 7250 rpm, which resulted in a maximum speed of 80 km / h with a claw-connected five-speed gearbox.


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Nick Kreidler RS 50cc zuigergestuurd 9,7 Pk testbank S&S 2007

28-12-2007: Nick Bakker Kreidler RS special, 50cc zuigergestuurd, 9,7 Pk achterwiel, testbankrun S&S hoogeveen d.d. 28 dec 2007

Kreidler Florett Tuning

Kreidler Florett etwas gepimpt ,11PS mit 21mm vergaser und Rennauspuff, Vmax 123Km/h

Kreidler-Florett 50 Eiertank

Kick-Start Kreidler-Florett Bj.1963.