Yamaha XS 400

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The Yamaha XS 400 was produced from 1978 to 1990. Well-known variants are Yamaha XS 400, XS 400 R Seca, XS 400 Special, XS 400 SG. The basic model was sold almost identical to the models XS 250 and XS 360. The naked bike has 20-33 kw and weighs about 180 kg. Today, the 4-stroke twin is often converted into a cheap custom bike as the machine shown on the photo. Picture was token while the Kustom Kulture Forever at Zeche Ewald in Germany 2017.


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Yamaha XS 400 odpalenie

Drugie odpalenie po wstępnym złożeniu do kupy XS 400, przed regulacją gaźników. Second start up of my XS 400, before carburetors adjustment.

79 Yamaha Xs 400

79 xs400. Clean Ca title. Chopped exhaust and welded in baffles.

Yamaha xs 400 1983 dohc

yamaha XS 400 dohc 1983