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Piaggio Vespa

06.10.2013 | 10:40

The Piaggio Vespa of 1946 was a well prized but attractive vehicle of transport, which includes driving on damaged roads after the 2nd World War.


MZ ETZ Chopper DDR, Germany

05.10.2013 | 10:25

Customized MZ ETZ 150 of 1989. In 2008 the bike was rebuilt to chopper. Handmade gasolin tank, swing extension, scooter headlight and bicycle saddle are just a few highlights.


The winner of the 2007 Harley Davidson "White Pearl" - Contest

01.05.2013 | 07:30

Congratulation Natalie!


You are the winner of my 2007 Harley Davidson "White Pearl"!


Thx to all of you riders who took part on the Mr. C. - contest on! Stay tuned for the launch of the global motorcycle platform.. and for the new contest ;).


More informations and photos will follow as soon the "White Pearl" is delivered to the hometown of Natalie.


Ride free riders and rock on!

Mr. C.

Step No. 9 - Harley Davidson "White Pearl" - Shooting time!

25.03.2013 | 10:00

Great shooting @ the Airfield! Thanks to FiFi and Toni for the great support! The "White Pearl" is born and ready to ride!

Step No. 8 - Harley Davidson "White Pearl" - Finish Line!

23.03.2013 | 08:35

The parts are assembled and the "White Pearl" says hello to Mr. C.! The finish is perfect and the color is perfect. Let's get ready for the first shooting with the "White Pearl"

Step No. 7 - Harley Davidson "White Pearl" - assemble!

09.03.2013 | 11:00

Now the finished parts get back to the body of the Harley Davidson Street Bob.. the birth of the "White Pearl" is in sight ;)

Step No. 6 - Harley Davidson "White Pearl" - good job!

07.03.2013 | 11:00

The paint job is done! The parts are stunning.. white/matt, the perfect color for my "White Pearl"!

Step No. 5 - Harley Davidson "White Pearl" - stript!

05.03.2013 | 11:00

Ready for the white/matt paint.. very excited for the finish ;)

Step No. 4 - Harley Davidson "White Pearl" - stript!

03.03.2013 | 11:00

I stripped the bike and now the nice work can begin.. preparing the parts for the painter!

Step No. 3 - Harley Davidson "White Pearl" - going mad!

27.02.2013 | 09:00

Separate the spokes of the wheels is quite easy job, thinking about to harness these again.. need a Beer ;)