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Step No. 8 - Harley Davidson "White Pearl" - Finish Line!

23.03.2013 | 08:35

The parts are assembled and the "White Pearl" says hello to Mr. C.! The finish is perfect and the color is perfect. Let's get ready for the first shooting with the "White Pearl"

Step No. 7 - Harley Davidson "White Pearl" - assemble!

09.03.2013 | 11:00

Now the finished parts get back to the body of the Harley Davidson Street Bob.. the birth of the "White Pearl" is in sight ;)

Step No. 6 - Harley Davidson "White Pearl" - good job!

07.03.2013 | 11:00

The paint job is done! The parts are stunning.. white/matt, the perfect color for my "White Pearl"!

Step No. 5 - Harley Davidson "White Pearl" - stript!

05.03.2013 | 11:00

Ready for the white/matt paint.. very excited for the finish ;)

Step No. 4 - Harley Davidson "White Pearl" - stript!

03.03.2013 | 11:00

I stripped the bike and now the nice work can begin.. preparing the parts for the painter!

Step No. 3 - Harley Davidson "White Pearl" - going mad!

27.02.2013 | 09:00

Separate the spokes of the wheels is quite easy job, thinking about to harness these again.. need a Beer ;)

Step No. 2 - Harley Davidson "White Pearl" striptease

25.02.2013 | 09:00

Step 2 - Okay, let's strip the my beauty from the parts and prepare for the painter!

Suzuki GSX-R 600

24.02.2013 | 14:00

No Mercy Racing\" ( 2005 Suzuki GSX-R 600! All-chrome or painted, Airbrush by Fine Art UN Ueli Neuenschwander, Xenon lights, LED lighting system, Alcantara seat and a hell of a lot more!\r\rFor more info:

No Mercy Racing

Neuhausstrasse 5

4057 Basel - Switzerland

Phone 0041 61 631 13 25

Honda 2012 CBR1000RA Fireblade "Camouflage"

23.02.2013 | 14:00

The Swiss "No Mercy Racing" ( is a specialist in customizing all type of brands. The Honda CBR1000RA Fireblade "Camouflage" is a stunning project with awesome painting! Painted in camouflage matt/grey, Bodis Exhaust, Pazzo brake and clutch levers, tinted headlights, Xenon lights, Alcantara seat and all powder coated matt black! Great Style bro and stunning look!


For more info:

No Mercy Racing

Neuhausstrasse 5

4057 Basel - Switzerland

Phone 0041 61 631 13 25

Step No.1 - The origin of the Harley Davidson "White Pearl"

20.02.2013 | 19:00

This is the beginning of the HD "White Pearl"-Project. In November 2011 I bought a 2007 Harley Davidson Street Bob with almost no mileage. I was thinking about the color of the bike.. black is standard so it had to be something different. Two or three.. I can't remember.. beers later, I decided to create the "White Pearl", painted in a white mat color. Now riders... this is the beginning of my sweetheart!