Bikes and stories

BMW R 60/6

16.05.2019 | 12:00

The R 90 S and its smaller sister models R 90/6, R 75/6 and R 60/6 were produced from 1973 to 1976 and were successors to the "/5" series (R 50/5, R 60/5 and R 75/5). The transmissions of the "/6" series had for the first time five gears. The crankshaft was changed: It is balanced from this engine series with heavy metal plug, making the outer diameter of the crankshaft smaller and the installation and removal is facilitated. All models have a double loop tubular frame and cardan drive to the rear wheel.


Triumph Speed Triple 1050

15.05.2019 | 12:00

The English Triumph Speed Triple 1050 belongs since 2010 to the winners on the European motorcycle market. No wonder because here is everything successful. Perfect chassis, good mix of torque and turning ability thanks to the three-cylinder engine. The shown motorcycles is a 2018 model.


Kawasaki Zephyr 750

14.05.2019 | 12:00

The Kawasaki Zephyr is a range of retro-styled naked superbikes, manufactured during the 1990s. All models were built by Kawasaki with air-cooled, transverse inline, dual-overhead-cam, four-cylinder engines. There were a number of Zephyr models available, in four engine capacities - 400, 550, 750, and 1100cc.


Triumph Rocket III

13.05.2019 | 12:00

The Triumph Rocket III is a three cylinder motorcycle made by Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. At 2,294 cc (140.0 cu in) it had the largest displacement engine of any mass production motorcycle, as of September 2004. The name "Rocket III" is derived from the 1968 BSA motorcycle, the Rocket 3, which was also produced as the " Triumph Trident."



Triumph TT600

12.05.2019 | 12:00

With a lightweight frame and chassis (dry weight of only 170 kg), adjustable Kayaba shocks, the TT600's handling and braking were highly praised across the industry for being well-balanced and agile. The standard adjustable suspension tuning, combined with a plush seat, upright position, and high-mounted handlebars gave the TT600 remarkable feel and a high degree of comfort similar to its competitors. Production 2000-2003. 110hp.


Moto Guzzi V7 Special

11.05.2019 | 12:00

Since 1967, the Italian brand builds V7 models. First with 700, then 750 and 850 cubic 2-cylinder V-engines. To this day, a V7 is available.



Triumph Bonneville T100

10.05.2019 | 12:00

Already in the 60s Bonneville 2-cylinder parallel twin motorcycles were used for illegal races, directly in London at the Ace Café. Even 50 years later they are still the choice of the wild boys.


Royal Enfield Interceptor Twin 650

09.05.2019 | 12:00

The 2018 model year of the Royal Enfield Interceptor marks the return of one of Royal Enfield 's most popular classic motorcycles. From the 60s and 70s, the new Interceptor has taken its charm, which has made it a legend, into our time and preserved. Powered by the air-cooled 650cc parallel twin, the Interceptor's 7 "headlamps, classic round instruments and quilted double seat are all designed in the 60s.


Harley-Davidson Chopper

08.05.2019 | 12:00

A chopper is a type of custom motorcycle which emerged in the United States in the mid-1960s. The chopper is perhaps the most extreme of all custom styles, often using radically modified steering angles and lengthened forks for a stretched-out appearance. They can be built from an original motorcycle which is modified ("chopped") or built from scratch. Some of the characteristic features of choppers are long front ends with extended forks often coupled with an increased rake angle, hardtail frames (frames without rear suspension), very tall "ape hanger" or very short "drag" handlebars, lengthened or stretched frames, and larger than stock front wheels. The "sissy bar", a set of tubes that connect the rear fender with the frame, and which are often extended several feet high, is a signature feature on many choppers.


Suzuki GSX-R 750

07.05.2019 | 12:00

Suzuki GSX-R750 is a family of 750 cc sports motorcycles from Suzuki 's GSX-R series of motorcycles. Looking like a Suzuki Endurance racer, it can be considered to be the first affordable, modern racer-replica suitable for road use. It was introduced at the Cologne Motorcycle Show in October 1984. The original model featured a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, flatslide carbs, twin discs with 4-pot calipers, and 460-millimetre (18 in) tyres both front and rear.