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Blue Collar Bobbers


Blue Collar Bobbers

What’s a Blue Collar Bobber bolt-on kit?

It’s simply an easy way to totally change your bog-standard bike into an old-school, nostalgic hot rod. We build economical, custom-fit and high-quality conversion kits that anyone – yes, anyone – can install.

Our kits help you completely restyle your bike – including the rear fender (and even the front fender on some bikes), seat, licence and lights, as well as the handlebars and other attachments too (optional). For that extra WOW factor, you can add also exhaust wraps and powder-coat your stock rims. And that's it – you’re done! Every part from our range is designed for the specific motorcycle model. An easy-to-follow DVD shows you how to install every single piece. Our kits are complete – right down to the all the nuts and bolts needed for installation.

Check out our gallery and our customer’s conversions. You’ll see an interesting assortment of all models imaginable; some have custom paint, while others just have the rear fender painted a different colour to match their stock tanks. Either way, it’s quite a transition from the original motorcycle.

At Blue Collar Bobbers, we like to keep things pure, so we don’t add chrome parts, saddlebags or windshields. Quite the opposite – we get rid of everything that isn’t necessary. We give our bikes a fresh lick of paint and shorten and chop to our heart’s content. Then we jump on our lean, mean, kick-ass machines and ride off into the sunset with our comrades!


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United States

Web: www.bluecollarbobbers.com
Email: information@bluecollarbobbers.com
Telephone: +1(801) 676-7889

Information: Feel free to give us a call at any time! If we are not available leave a message and we WILL get back to you. For those overseas, go ahead and email us, we check our emails all day long and will respond asap!