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it roCkS! bikes


it roCkS! bikes

About „it roCkS! bikes“

„it roCkS! bikes“ is a brand created by Osvaldo Coutinho and Alexandre Santos. The project developed from a fun-time leisure activity between buddies, so it’s not something we do full-time. We’re actually both civil engineers and co-partners/associates in a civil engineering company (aspp – ENGENHEIROS, Lda.) that provides project and specialist consulting services.

We’re mad about motorbikes and keen on the café racer culture, so one day we decided to design and refine a bike to turn our own visions into reality. Initially, we were only thinking about creating something for our own personal use. But during the project and especially after its completion, we ended up getting a lot of unexpected international attention and things went off in a completely different direction. It had all gotten more serious, so we started thinking, "Why not turn this into a project for the future?"

As with virtually all of the “it roCkS! bikes” creations, for our first motorbike, “The Gravedigger”, we focused on a distinctive design that went beyond the vintage frames used in this type of structure, both in Portugal and on the international scene. The classic model is still very much dominating the market, but we intend “dethrone” it with the blatant boldness and open, aesthetic provocation embodied in the design of all our future custom bikes.

We personally develop every last detail of the entire design concept. We have an extraordinary team of experts on hand to help, who are responsible for sheet metal forming, assembly, mechanical and paint work. We funded our brand off our own backs, without any outside help or support.

Our second bike, which we’ve already completed, was named “Sunburn”and was just made to order for a customer. All of our bikes boast a completely customised design that cannot be replicated. We never make two bikes that are exactly the same.

Perhaps the only similarity is the style, which primarily reflects the café racer culture. At the moment, we’re working on a new bike that’s being converted to suit a customer’s specifications. The starting model is the Triumph Thruxton, and we’re also currently in the middle of negotiations for new models.

What initially started out as just a little bit of fun turned into something super serious, particularly because of the international attention we received.

After being featured in the “Papel” section of Motociclismo and in a report on the Portuguese SIC television network, “The Gravedigger” was ultimately unveiled to a live audience at the Lisboa MotoShow 2013. It has also been showcased at a multitude of other exhibitions such as Art&Moto,hich is also held in Lisbon, and was presented at The BSMC Event London 2013.

We recently confirmed that we will be taking part in The BSMC Event II, which will run from 4 to 6 October. And this time, we’re bringing “Sunburn”.


BY: Osvaldo Coutinho & Alexandre Santos
Location: Porto, Portugal

Email: itrocksbikes@gmail.com

Mobile: +351 966 535 951 (Osvaldo Coutinho)
Mobile: +351 933 504 604 (Alexandre Santos)