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Spirit Leather


Spirit Leather

SPIRIT LEATHER pieces are not mass-produced.

Each of our unique pieces is made by hand from start to finish – no machines whatsoever are involved in the process.

In an era which is dominated by standardisation, we go against the flow and push the boundaries between art and artisan crafts.

Numerous satisfied customers from all over the world talk of the individuality, quality and long lives of the pieces for their choppers or straight bobbers.

Old style saddles, seats, saddlebags and tool bags in addition to various accessories are made from real leather in a spectacular variety of colours. Refitting with exotic leather in addition to restoration and treatments are some of our specialities. Your chosen material is made by hand according to your personal design specifications in our workshop in Meerbusch, Germany.

Edges can be emphasised with studs or braiding, or you could add some well-chosen words for a personal touch. Old school, distressed or antique styles create depth, and pyrography can be used to brand on complex patterns for eternity. Embossing is the real highlight of what we do – the ancient, traditional art of working leather by using a hammer and embossing iron to painstakingly create 3D images and patterns on the leather. This really is a unique way of making your own personal style a reality and creating memories.


Dimitrios Georgoulas
Breite Strasse 18
40670 Meerbusch

Mobile. (+49) 152 22583320
Tel. (+49) 2159 5379233

Mail: spirit.art.leather@googlemail.com
Web: www.spirit-leather.de