Ducati 748 full GoPro video of the Kaslo to New Denver highway in BC, Canada

For Ducati Aficionados...

Unadulterated GoPro video of my recent run from Kaslo to New Denver, a famous motorcycle ride in BC, Canada. I was involved in my first ever Ducati Rally in Nelson, BC with the excellent folks from the Ducati Users Club of Western Canada.

Bike: 2001 Ducati 748 sporting Termi exhaust.

This was my first time on this road, so I slow down for some corners more than necessary, just not knowing the road. That'll change, gonna hit this road more often. All the surrounding riding in the area is great too.

Got great sound from the external mic on the GoPro tucked under the tail, just above the exhaust. The only editing from the video was a bit of time I was stuck behind traffic which wasn't much considering. It was a great ride! Could spend all day going back and forth on this road! Very fun!

Oil light comes on about half way through, ends up the oil pressure sensor went and later blew out in Nelson while at the service station getting gas, causing a serious oil leak, luckily it lasted that long! The guys at the club gave some great help along with the excellent folks at MainJet Motorsports in Nelson, couldn't have made it home without them! Thanks!

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoyed it! :)

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