Terms of payment

These terms of payment were written in German and translated into different languages. In the event of inconsistencies between the translated versions and the German version, the latter shall always be decisive.

Last revised on: 11.06.2012


(1) Registration and membership of www.custom-bike.com are free of charge. No fees are charged for purchasing / selling a product on the CUSTOMBIKE marketplace.


(1) The member pays for chargeable services using the virtual currency “CUSTOMBIKE Coins”.

(1) The member pays for chargeable services using the virtual currency “CUSTOMBIKE Coins”.

(3) The reference currency for purchasing CUSTOMBIKE Coins is EUR. Coins can also be purchased using CHF, USD and GBP. CUSTOMBIKE determines the purchase price for CUSTOMBIKE Coins and can modify this at any time.

(4) By communicating a payment method, the member is also confirming that they are permitted to use the same. At the same time, they are granting CUSTOMBIKE (and the payment processors stated by CUSTOMBIKE) the right to charge the full amount via the payment method specified for the transaction in question.

(5) The member is also granting CUSTOMBIKE the right to record and save the payment method used along with other transaction-related information.

(6) If the member pays by credit card, CUSTOMBIKE can seek advance authorisation for the full amount from the card issuer.

(7) If the member uses a debit card as a payment method and their payment results in an overdraft or other bank charge, the member shall be solely responsible for paying these charges.

(8) The following conditions apply to the use of CUSTOMBIKE Coins:

Purchasing chargeable services

(1) Private members may only purchase CUSTOMBIKE Coins for the desired chargeable service. Private users are not permitted to top up their member accounts with CUSTOMBIKE Coins.

(2) Business members may top up their accounts in advance up to an equivalent value of CHF 3,000 and may use the Coins to purchase chargeable services. No interest is charged on CUSTOMBIKE Coins. CUSTOMBIKE shall determine which members are business members. Business members may re-exchange Coins for money pursuant to CUSTOMBIKE’s provisions. This money shall always be credited to the account the member used to buy the Coins. The member shall exclusively bear the costs of any charges incurred for the re-exchange process.

(3) CUSTOMBIKE shall announce the prices for the chargeable services on its website.

(4) The total price of a transaction may include taxes and charges that the member must pay in full. The member shall indemnify CUSTOMBIKE in this respect.

(5) If a member purchases a chargeable service by mistake, they shall not be entitled to a refund. Refunds are also excluded if an advertisement or advertising has to be deleted due to the General Terms and Conditions being violated.

(6) A member may have to agree to additional conditions in connection with making certain purchases or buying chargeable services.

Measures taken by CUSTOMBIKE

(1) CUSTOMBIKE may make enquiries about a member’s identity and creditworthiness as is deemed necessary at any time, either directly or with the help of third parties.

(2) If a member does not use Coins within 12 months of purchase, or if the member deletes an account that is still in credit or if the account has been deactivated and the required reactivation conditions have not been met within six months, CUSTOMBIKE can use said credit in compliance with legal obligations.

Final provisions

(1) CUSTOMBIKE reserves the right to amend and modify these terms of payment at any time and without the need to give any notice. The amended and/or modified terms of payment shall be published on the website and become binding at the time of publication.

(2) In the event of contradictions between these terms of payment and CUSTOMBIKE’s General Terms and Conditions, the terms of payment shall take precedence.

(3) Some countries may limit or prohibit the option of making of payments via CUSTOMBIKE. No provision of these terms of payment is to be interpreted as disregarding and/or attempting circumvent a foreign law of which CUSTOMBIKE is not aware.