Triumph Bonneville T120

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Already in the 60s Bonneville 2-cylinder parallel twin motorcycles were used for illegal races, directly in London at the Ace Café. Even 50 years later they are still the choice of the wild boys. The Triumph Bonneville T120 was a Triumph Engineering motorcycle made from 1959 through 1975. It was the first model of the Bonneville series, which was continued by Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. The T120 was discontinued in favour of the larger-engined T140. It was brought back in 2016 with a host of updates. There were a number of models between 1973 and 2016 including Harris, and the new Hinckley models.


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1966 Triumph Bonneville T120

Full rebuild of a 1966 T120R visit

Triumph T120 Bonneville 1967 bobber ride

Triumph T120 Bonneville 1967 bobber ride

Kick start ! (Triumph Bonneville T120 1959 ) This beautiful first year bonnie by him of all engines was overhauled. The painting was accomplished by him, too.