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Boso San

To explain what Boso San Motor`s is all about you have got to explain the Boso first.

The boso is a Japanese word and would be translated with "crazy" or "brutal" the best way. So If someone rides boso it means he is just freaking out with his bike. And that’s pretty much what the founders of Boso San are all about.

They love to ride bikes, all kinds of and all terrain. Sunday morning cruising on a bobber or Sunday morning getting ready to drop some fast laps on the dirt or race track.

That’s why there is no doubt that a Boso customized bike is a blast to ride.

No compromises when it comes to brakes, suspension and the engine.

No compromises with nothing!

Mastermind Daniel is a motorcyclist since the age of 5. He was racing in national championships on dirt bikes and started street racing by the age of 18. So he is the man that builds the bikes on the one hand and criticize them on the other when they don’t fell real on the tarmac.

You`re not only buying a custombike at Boso San, you buy racing spirit.

The Boso Shop includes everything you need to set up a bike up perfect.

Plus the connection to some producers that work for the really fast people in the world. So the aluminium parts you will get with your Boso Bike are just the best you can ride.

The look of their bikes speaks for itself.

No wonder this young company is on the fast lane since they showed their first big project the "Black Bull" to the world wide motor community.


"Boso San Motorradtechnik, from Germany is burning the bike blogosphere with this pretty cafe racer "Black Bull", based on a Yamaha MT-01."

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Boso San Motorradtechnik

Im Möchgraben 15
75397 Simmozheim

Tel.: +49 1523 351 9581